Email Marketing Automation and Management.

Increase traffic, grow your audience, and generate new customers with done-for-you email marketing management and automation.

We design, plan, create and automate your businesses content and email marketing.
Giving you time to focus on even more important things.

Increased Revenue

Optimize your email marketing to increase customer retention and drive future growth.

Better Engagement

An effective email marketing solution will keep your customers hyper-engaged and increase customer loyalty.


We handle the design, troubleshooting, and execution of your email marketing / content marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Solutions Designed Just For You.

Step One

Brainstorming / Planning

  • Discuss your businesses goals and primary objectives.
  • Take a look at current metrics and pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • Create a detailed strategy/action plan to achieve the results you desire.

Step Two

Design / Content Creation

  • Create rough draft of emails / content structures.
  • Polish and review for brand congruency.
  • Complete and finalize deliverables.

Step Three

Launch/ Automation

  • Import into current email marketing software.
  • We support ( Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor, A Weber, GetResponse).
  • Setup all necessary flows and complete final testing.

Reap the Benefits of Email and Content Marketing With Our Easy Done-For-You Solutions!

     We're extremely glad that you have found us and can’t wait to make running and growing your business easier than ever before.
It doesn’t matter whether you are head of marketing, a CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, or an entrepreneur on the way to building an amazing organization that affects the lives of millions of people around the world, there is one thing for certain: There is never enough time to do everything YOU actually want to do!

We're here to help.

High Quality Done-For-You Content Creation and Email Marketing Solutions

  Email marketing alone can be a difficult system to develp and integrate into your business. Most business owners don't have an email/content marketing strategy at all. It is our mission to help your business by developing unique tailored solutions specific to your businesses needs.

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Sequences

  • Welcome / Drip Sequences

  • Single Promotions

  • Email Optimization

  • Newsletter Design and Content Management

We’re here to help you design, create, and execute email marketing strategies that will help take your business to new heights.

Copywriting Meets Email Marketing

There’s writing emails…and then there’s WRITING EMAILS!

At Zelos, we put a new spin on email marketing. Most content writers are writer’s first and marketers second, while we are marketers first and writers second. So what does this mean exactly?
This means that we can not only craft amazing emails but we can also craft emails that obtain:

  • Greater Open Rates

  • More Clicks

  • Better Engagement

  • Emails that leave your target audience drooling and eager for more!

We’ve helped business owners make their email marketing efforts easier and more efficient. We are excited to help you!
Click below and we will reach out to you and help you create and execute the perfect email marketing strategy for your business.

Can Your Business Benefit From Zelos Automation's Services?

Boost your stores traffic with high quality content created specifically for your industry. Quality content means more traffic which equals more SALES! Each piece of content will be published to your site and sent out to your existing email subscribers automatically!

We craft emails that grab your readers attention and leave them drooling for your next email.

As a business owner you've got alot going on. We wish we could help you do it all, but unfortunately we can't. What we CAN do is turn your old lists into hyperactive engaged ready-to-buy customers.

"You can't improve what you can't measure!" We track and optimize your email campaigns on a weekly basis. We find the perfect topics and create the perfect subjects/headlines that lights a fire in the minds of your readers!

We've helped over 75+ businesses setup, create and automate their email & content marketing. We want to help YOU next!

Client Experiences

Zelos made my email marketing a heck of alot easier. They helped me publish my weekly email newsletters directly to mailchimp. My clients are definitely more engaged. I'll definitely continue to work with them. Josh @ JP Works

They took the time to research and understand the product and the space. Their content was lightyears ahead of anything I could write myself. Kudos!Silk Flowers

They understood my business and helped me create monthy content for my list! Great emails, they even created unique contests that helped spike our signups! Easy to work with.Mooody IOS

Thanks so much! We use Zelos for our amazon feedback emails and customer support blast! They are a breeze to work with. Pretty much available for support whenever I needed them. Super Responsive! Shenzhen

Absolutely reccommend! They were prompt, curteous, skilled and professional. We hired him to do an email sequence for one of our clients, and were not disappointed. He always showed up on time, completed more than what was asked, and provided additional value in this project. Highly recommended.Simply Heaven Design

Can Email Marketing & Automation Get Any Simpler?
We Don't Think So!

Are you ready to save time and make more money by realizing the full potential of your email marketing?